This blog is my experiment with the idea that done is better than perfect.

I was once three, I was seventeen for a while too, now I am “older”. Originating from the tiny island of rain and thoroughness, I have been living in New York since 2007 and it makes a little bit more sense everyday I’m here.

I am fascinated by the changes going on in digital publishing at the moment, in particular that of the news media and storytelling. Whether it’s the New York Times’ frankly groovy projects (hello Snowfall!) or new ways to visualise stories and data, it’s all interesting and comment-worthy.

To get in the engine room of code and publishing products, I’m experimenting with visual storytelling methods, in my own small way, in a few projects. ¬†Links can be found below:

Honest Resume

Honest Pregnancy

I also like fine art and words, on their own or as a pair, in particular the gaps between language and experience.

I also own a charismatic little schnoodle, named Hudson, who is a feisty, curly schnauzer/poodle hybrid.

2 thoughts on “moi”

  1. Hello Ms. Kershaw,
    My name is Lora Strum and I am writing for the Army News Service on the affects of PTSD on Soldiers and their Military Working Dogs. I loved your article about Sergeant 1st Class Matthew Bessler and was hoping to speak with you about retrieving possible contact information for him?
    If this is a possibility, please just let me know!
    Thanks for your time and consideration,
    Lora Strum
    Phone: 703 402 2771 (cell) 703 614 8937 (work)

    1. Dear Lora,

      Thank you for your email – I’m afraid there is another Sarah Kershaw out there, one who writes for the NY times. Perhaps this is who you are looking for? At any rate, it isn’t me!

      Good Luck,

      Sarah K

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