Dream Product: Easy charity donation via e-commerce platform

Watching the horrible events on European coasts over the last few weeks, as desperate refugees flee their homes in Syria, I started thinking about a new product idea, one that would help deliver the supplies directly to the people that need them.

Introducing: the GreatDonate

Charities on-site in refugee camps produce and publicise a wish list (borrowing Amazon’s existing product), detailing what the refugees need.

Voila, my latest dream product idea – how about Amazon, or indeed, any e-commerce platform, works with established charities on the ground, whether it’s an influx of refugees or a natural disaster.

Amazon customers can then easily click to buy and deliver the products directly to the charity’s base.

To my mind it makes the process of donating to a charity much more transparent, which is always welcome. Instead of wondering if your donation is paying the CEO’s fancy lunch tab (am I too cynical about this?) you can be sure that your contribution is going directly to the people that need it the most, in the most useful form, whether blankets, books or boots.

Thinking through the technical requirements, it’s simply (simply!) a matter of grouping donation centres for easy distribution, but Amazon and their peers are good at just that, at using algorithms to make distribution as efficient as possible.

Can we make this happen, internet? E-commerce companies? Make it easy for people to easily donate immediately useful items to charities on site.


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