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First Descent Doula branding and web build

Blue might just be the warmest colour for branding purposes after all.

Oh heady day, we are making excellent progress with the First Descent Doula site.

The issue with this sort of niche is that Doulas are not medically trained, it’s a more supportive role, but a role backed up with lots of incredibly positive statistics proving their worth.

In terms of branding, we wanted the site to look approachable but authoritative, useful and packed with information, but with a calm vibe. I believe our chosen page design and palette embodies these aspirations.

The logo, designed for First Descent Doula, is sunny and pretty, Kate liked the look of it but I felt it was important to tone down the site colours. The blue/green of the logo is gorgeous but a bit too saturated for wide usage. Building on this logo, I reduced the saturation of some complimentary blues, and used black and white images.

It might be a result of the times, but cutting any colour with grey usually lends it a more considered tone.

First Descent Doula homepage
First Descent Doula homepage


This theme of grey text and muted blue from the homepage is used throughout the site. To keep it somewhat upbeat we experimented with links in a brighter turquoise, to attract the eye and make links obvious.

First Descent Doula Resources Page
First Descent Doula Resources Page


We have had opted for a soft launch, right now, friends and family are reviewing the site, because fresh eyes always do a better job.

It will be interesting to monitor the SEO value of the site too, as I have made every effort to set up all the page content in the most SEO-friendly way, whilst also encouraging Kate’s content schedule, both on the blog and on social media.

The goal of the site is to provide information and promote First Descent Doula services, I believe this site does this, it will be interesting to see if the public agree.