Words Matter: Huffington Post correction!

As per my original post, I picked up on a highly-offensive word used flippantly in an Huffington Post article about mac keyboard shortcuts.

**Update**The offensive word has been removed and the point re-written!


Huffington Post Correction, offensive word removed
Huffington Post Correction, offensive word removed

For those of you who are interested, post 12 now reads as follows:

12. If you’re a fast reader or a little over-caffeinated, try

Over-caffeinated, used to convey fast reading, which is much better than what had been there before, a hate-filled word used to imply slow reading skills and low cognitive abilities.

I do not know if it was my complaint that did it, or if other people complained too, but I’m interpreting this as a victory for common sense and appropriate word usage. Hurrah to the editors for correcting it!

Sigh of relief. As you were people, as you were.

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