Vitamin or Aspirin? Close up image of Damien Hirst work comprising pharmacy shelves full of pills

Unbelievably simple way to prioritise projects…


Everyone talks about this, this urgency to take the wheat and let the chaf be still. To butcher Chaucer. Consultants are defined by their ability to do this, but it’s very hard to make someone understand how to do this sort of thinking for themselves.

I certainly struggled with it, finding it difficult to prioritise projects as a result. Not to mention producing results that would keep the client fitter, happier and more productive. After all, it’s all well and good getting more traffic to the site but if none of that traffic signs up, tunes in or buys something, it’s just not going to impress The Boss. I don’t mean Bruce Springsteen. I doubt he’d be impressed with anything in the realm of Digital Marketing. Not that he has anything against it, forcibly, I’d imagine, but, you know, it’s just not his thing.


That magic, clarity-inducing solution to project overload? The simple binary test as to whether something is worth doing. Or not?

Vitamin or Aspirin?

That’s it.

Just ask yourself if i’s a vitamin or an aspirin for this particular problem.

To put it another way, is it a ‘nice to have’ or will it solve something? Will it help your client make more money?

I’m not the first person to use this analogy, just chiming in as ¬†I hope it brings clarity to anyone struggling with how to schedule projects. I cannot explain why this wording worked for me, but lo, I share the knowledge.

Pass it on, or let me know if this helps you with project planning.

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