Thoughtful article about Reddit and Twitter’s role in a smear campaign.

Absurdly interesting, yet thoroughly sad article, detailing the problems of restraint (or lack thereof) of “citizen journalism” published in today’s New York Times magazine. It may well be behind the pay wall but it’s well worth a read.

In short, it calls into question the role of “new media” in breaking news via tweets and posts and that of “old media” using these unverified tweets and posts in a bid to get the scoop. I won’t undermine the piece by trying to summarise it here, it wouldn’t do it justice.

It does support my theory that the role of editors will take on new importance as more of us incorporate the pace and efficiency of digital news into our news-gathering habits. Right now, the news industry is still transitioning from the old model (often called Fortress Journalism) to the new, where anyone with a smart phone can express an opinion and, with canny timing, get that opinion our there. It does make me hopeful that Google’s Author Rank might contribute towards a solution, by rewarding more established subject experts with better representation in the search results and, hopefully, pushing those less-established sources further down the page into obscurity.

That, or will ‘we’, all of us, soon evolve to dismiss the breaking news stories on sites like Twitter and Reddit?

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