New Product Idea: ID numbers for clothes 

Wouldn’t it be nice if brands acknowledged their secondary market? 

Those lower price, everyday brands, your H+Ms, Gaps, Club Monacos etc?

Rather like Chanel et al at the top end have serial numbers for their products to combat forgeries. 

You would need a number per designed item, not a different number for each individual version of the item. Think of it as more of an ISBN for clothes, much in the same way that books have one.

The end game is that if enough brands used these unique numbers, donated items would be easier to classify. I’ve heard that Madewell jeans for example, have a healthy secondary market. If those items were listed online but with the clear number to identify it, buyers might be more confident buying something sight-unseen. I imagine it would remove some buying anxiety and thus potentially help second hand shops obtain better prices. As a loyal Housing Works shopper, I like the idea of spending there as it is a charity shop. 

Furthermore, do we really need to keep on making more? I’m fairly certain that in terms of clothes, the world collectively has made everything we need already.

How would it work? Barcodes on the labels? So it’s only a case of finding it for the garment to be classified correctly. 

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