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The failure of responsive design and the rise of the app

No-one expected this. I had a baby and was suddenly better with my phone? Better about replying to texts in timely manner? Better sending photos via What’s App? Better about replying to emails?

How so?

Size Matters

It turns out that the reason for this is disarmingly simple: small hands. Notably mine. Think about it, I had a constant baby companion in one arm, therefore I had only one hand free. One hand with which to connect to the world during the hours of feeding. I couldn’t lift my laptop with one hand (too heavy and too big), I couldn’t steal my husband’s iPad either, as that is also too big to palm-solo. So enter the era of my loyal, cracked little iPhone.

Suddenly the humble iPhone was front and centre of my life, as I sat feeding for hours. I quickly realised that responsive design, whilst much talked of, is rarer than a rare thing, which ruled out basic web browsing. My only option was to get over my vague reluctance to download apps and get busy with the entertainment.

So here it is, my list of apps that helped me live, breathe and survive, whilst only having the use of one hand.

1) Netflix

No surprises here, but it entertained me during those long, lonely night feeds and passed the time. The Honourable Woman, Orange is the New Black, Broadchurch: I thank you all.

2) Chase mobile

This app has always been amazing and truly time-saving and how many apps can really say that? I could pay bills and keep an eye on my accounts and as dry as this sounds, it is just so, so useful.

3) Amazon

I’ve long been enamoured with Amazon Prime but shopping via the app helped to keep  my mental to-do list small. I only had to think, idly, ‘oh,  I need more..’ and instead of having to remember sporadically until the item was replaced, I could instead load the app and order it. It sounds minor, but not having to remember, but instead just completing the task, is incredibly liberating. Think of all the time saved! Less dithering, more doing!

4) Turboscan

Turboscan helped me scan in all of our tax documents so we could submit our tax return without the usual old-school rush of photocopying, faxing and mailing. It made it so easy, Turboscan combined with the Google Drive app also allowed me to easily upload these documents to our (secure) cloud, meaning that I can easily access them in the future. All the effort lay in photographing/scanning the documents, but once that was done, I had made the information useful beyond the original need. I love this sort of efficiency, I love it!

5) Touchnote

AKA keeping family happy.

Touchnote allows you to send your iPhone photos to anyone in the world at a mere $ 1.99 a pop. It really is amazing and was a brilliant way to send ‘thank you’ notes quickly. Everyone who got a postcard was delighted. In all honesty, it made appearing thoughtful quick and easy, which I know is cheating somewhat but…

Voila, my list of apps that have helped me keep on top of everything, whilst a-raisin’ the finch. It’s not a silver bullet to nirvana but it helped keep me calm, as I could make progress efficiently as I handling the baby’s needs.


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