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The Digital Marketing Dilemma: content, immersion or entertainment?

AKA the hunt for content that makes me content?

From a young age, I have always loved reading, getting completely absorbed by the world of the book, whether Mallory Towers, Hogwarts or Thornfield Hall. Even now, as an adult, my capacity to lose days and nights to books is a pleasant reminder that I’m not jaded and numb in this adult world – I can still get lost!

It is hard to predict what will get me, but now this desire reveals itself when I’m browsing online episode reviews, fan videos (love me some fan art) and twitter. The internet is the home for fan devotion, it’s amateur in nature and charmingly sincere. This is content that makes me content. It goes someway to indulging my curiosity about the story, be it Lost theories, love triangles or Sherlock tumblrs.

Content of this ilk absorbs me and has my attention.

Do you know how hard it is to generate that sort of reaction?

In my marketing day job I harp on about the importance of making good, high-quality content, but am I setting up my clients (and myself) for failure with the bar set so high?

Let’s be honest, the absorbing potential of a story about stationery supplies is low. You might get the odd hit and generate some positive buzz but beyond that, it is unlikely that people will get too caught up in Stapler-gate: who used the last staple?

I’ve been reading @Sree, @LesHinton and @SuperWuster’s work, the TL;DR of which is human attention is the scarcest resource. With this in mind, where does this leave me? What can I recommend to clients?

Here we are now, entertain us

Here’s a novel idea, instead of making people work when reading your beautifully-crafted content, why not focus on entertaining them instead? Short videos instead of lengthy blog posts. Give them less to do but more to enjoy.

Perhaps we should leave immersion to the creative writers and storytellers and instead, focus on FUN? Less is more, when it comes to content. Save your users some time.