Busy working!

Me, 3pm, most days
Me, 3pm, most days

It’s the consultants dilemma: either you have time to dream up cool new products and communicate them in some fashion to the world, OR you are tied up with your clients, which is brilliantly absorbing and educational, but have limited capacity or even inclination to document all the new, fun things you have been learning.

After spending 10 hours a day at a desk fretting about URL structures and iffy email providers (a rabbit hole of complaints coming soon), the last thing that appeals is sitting down at a computer and summarising it all in pithy soundbites. No.

My recent project, working for the mega-watt WaterAid, is just one of these projects. Very, very busy, but also extremely interesting. Working for a greater good is also motivating, which helps when I feel the tiniest bit over-whelmed.

So far, it’s all digital migrations (um, once and soon to be twice, all within 12 months, gulp!) and no small amount of old-fashioned digital marketing.

More useful, actionable stuff soon…

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