Honest Account of my Life - a snapshot of one of the Timeline features.

Busy behind the scenes

My last post was in May, however I have been working like a whirling dervish elsewhere on the internets, all with a view to improving my working knowledge and understanding.

The Honest Account Project

One mini project is featured here my flirtation with the Timeline opensourced javascript. This first attempt is really coding-by-numbers, almost remedial in efforts, but it was done in a quest to start somewhere so I could then start experimenting with the other, more customisable code variants out there. All in a bid to get more with it.

Honest Account of my Life - a snapshot of one of the Timeline features.
Honest Account of my Life – a snapshot of one of the Timeline features.

Understanding Media by Understanding Google

The second project is a recent Coursera course I completed. It was a well-curated collection of articles, essays, videos and discussion, designed to enhance the student’s understanding and knowledge of Google’s impressive reach. The course was free, it lasted six weeks and there were short assignments and quizzes to submit almost every week. The number of enrolled students, somewhere around 40,000 I believe, is impressive and one component of the course involves you grading the work of your peers. I liked this element of it in theory, however as some of the participants don’t speak very good English (at present, the only language in which the course is available) it made grading poorly-written responses rather disheartening at times, but this is a small ‘gripe’, a gripe-ette really, because in general, I like the hive-mind approach.
The course details can be found here .

What Next in This Summer o’ Love?

I’m looking at Coding Courses in the ‘hood, to really cement this burgeoning area of my life. I believe that I would find tremendous enjoyment in just being able to create something that matched the vision in my head. But we shall see, as I’m some way off. The journey is the destination and all that though, so I’m bubbling at where this could lead.

There’s also the small matter of ongoing freelance projects to keep body and soul on speaking terms and a holiday to Switzerland and Italy.

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